Making custom wave tutorial!

Finally after hours of testing i figure it out!
I'll make a step by step guide for you with picture illustration to make it easier for you!

My windows is in swedish, and so is my language so excuse me.

Some explaination before i start!

Everybody got the problem with the custom made waves!
The problem was not the TGA, it was the RCO that got to big or small, and when it get to big or small it will not show the waves! So everybody was confused becouse the TGA size was correct, but the RCO is allways had a different size. That was when i came up with the idea.
The black color in the TGA is transparent, and transparent makes your RCO smaller but it will not effect the TGA. So what is it you must do to make it work? You must make it 41*830 - 41*990 bytes and not bigger, as i know.

I will explain how to make it the perfect size in the tutorial.

What you will need!

My Template PSD or GIF for Gimp users
Custom tgaWave Packager v0.5
A hex program (I use Hex Workshop)
Image edititing program (photoshop, gimp)

Before we begin i have to say that this will mayby not work the first time, you must customize the blackstroke after how big you want to draw to get the correct size.

Step 1. 2 and 3 is for non Photoshop users, i already made those steps in The PSD template.

Step 1.

Open my GIF template or the PSD.
(GIF Users change the the mode to RGB mode.) rck1.jpg

As you can see, it's a black stroke that is showing you that you can't draw outside that place, or else the rco in the end will be bigger. I'll explain later.

I allways have the black stroke layer on the top so it covers your outside drawings anyway.

Step 2.

Make a background layer and make it black, Keep it on the bottom.

Step 3.

Make a new layer and on this layer is where your drawing will be in.

Step 4.

Make your drawing,

EDIT: as Vibestar said earlier

Originally Posted by Vibestar
Here's is what I found. If the tga is using to much shape and covers to much of black the RCO will become to big. I also think the shape of the picture is diagonal. The pic below is a example. When I save that in the rco it become a perfect rainbow with a big white line and a ending white line.


still think diagonal is good but the area doesn't matter. The size is important. When you save the tga you can always check the size of the rco by running start.bat. If its smaller then 41.844 bytes it's ok. Don't forget to hexedit the tga and run start.bat again.

His tga and Wave

Step 5.

Change mode to Indexed Color and choose yes on "merge layers" error.

Use these settings for Indexed color.

(i use 32 colors becouse i havent tested more colors with succes yet, but you dont actually need many colors.)

Step 6.

Time to save the image. Go to file--> Save as, choose the format TGA.
Save the image as "system_plugin_bg_deflate _part2.tga"

Step 7.

Now go check your file size, you should have 17*196 bytes and you want it to be 17*172 bytes.

Time for some hex editing!

Open your hex editing program, i highly recommend Hex Workshop! It' shows you how big the file is in the bottom.

Now open your file in the hex program and go to the bottom of the page and delete 52 of these(dunno what they are called :P) or 24 characters.
Now save.
As you can see, the file is 17.172 bytes!

Step 8.

Now drop you file "system_plugin_bg_deflate _part2.tga" in the same folder as the Custom tgaWave Packager v0.5

Open Start.bat and do as it says.

Step 9.

You should have a new file called "system_plugin_bg.rco " and this is the file most get problem with.
Now check the size of that file, it should be between. 41 830 - 41 990 bytes or you have to get back and edit it.

Mine became 41*984 byte and that is perfect!
(If yours got to big or small check "Make Bigger or smaller" after the steps)

Step 10 and the last step!

If you have Dev hooks custom made version firmware you shutdown the psp(hold down the shutdown about 5 sec) then turn it on again and hold R trigger till you come to Recovery mode then go to advanced the flash0(dont forget to connect your psp to your computer).
You should see a new device on your computer and it's your flash memory.( Be carefull, big risk for bricking if you not knowing what you are doing)
Go to X:\vsh\resource and replace the orginal system_plugin_bg.rco with yours.

Now restart you psp and it should be working!

Making RCO Bigger or smaller.

How to make the rco BIGGER!

Let's say that you rco got to small, it's easy to fix that!
Open Hex editor and open your rco with it and add blank entry's till you get the right size!

How to make the rco Smaller!

One way to make the rco smaller is to add more black to the tga, so go to photoshop and make the stroke bigger so it covers a little bit more. Then do all the steps again and check size till it get perfect.

Final words

I hope this worked for you. I know this is not a perfect tutorial but i hope i atleast helped you!

Thx for me and for all the homebrew scene!
Happy Valentine's Day! Big kisses to you ^^
// Al-Zamli